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Florida High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers Matthew Waring and Brian Dunmire of Fairway Law Group , PLLC.

Florida High-Net-Worth Divorce Lawyers

In Florida high-net-worth divorces, fortunes hang in the balance. It’s the complex financial intricacies that set these divorces apart. High-net-worth divorce in Florida is the stage where spouses with substantial assets part ways. But why does this arena of dissolution garner such attention,

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Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement

Has your insurance company asked you for a recorded statement? A recorded statement is a phone call between you and your insurance adjuster in which the insurance company may want to get information to possibly void your coverage.  A recorded statement is a

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The 4 Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Florida

With over 21 million residents, the state of Florida is ripe for personal injury claims. Personal injury claims can come in many different forms. In fact, any injury caused by someone else’s negligence falls under personal injury law. This is even more crucial

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