Navigating Florida Divorce: Understanding the Whys and Preparing for the Next Steps

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Hello to all our readers. We’re Matthew Waring and Brian Dunmire, your steadfast partners from the Florida Divorce Law Firm of Fairway Law Group. Today, we’re steering away from legal jargon to have a candid conversation about something very personal: the reasons behind divorce and how to prepare if you’re considering this significant life change.

The Whys of Goodbyes: Beyond Infidelity

While infidelity might seem like the headliner for initiating a divorce, it’s actually not the leading cause. In our practice, we’ve found that substance abuse and mental health issues are the frequent flyers in divorce filings. It’s a somber truth that these silent battles often dissolve the bonds of marriage.

The Unseen Struggle: Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Imagine the scene—marital bliss turned to chaos, with substance misuse or untreated mental health concerns at the helm. The partner you once knew becomes unrecognizable, lost to their struggles. It’s not just about the absence of trust but the presence of a person who can’t contribute healthily to the relationship or parent effectively.

Silver Divorces and Financial Realities

In what’s being termed ‘silver divorce’, we’re seeing an uptick in separations among those in their twilight years. It’s not necessarily a breakdown in romantic love but often a strategic financial move. The golden years sometimes spark a quest for a fresh start, unhindered by financial ties that no longer serve.

Value Imbalance: When Growth Trajectories Split

In many cases, we’ve observed a divergence in personal growth and self-care between spouses, leading to an imbalance. It’s when one person in the marriage blossoms while the other withers, creating an untenable disparity that can ultimately sever the marital tie.

The Role of Communication and Counseling

It’s crucial to note that sometimes the fissures in a marriage are surmountable with proper communication. Seeking therapy might save a marriage teetering on the brink. But as divorce attorneys, while we advocate for reconciliation when possible, we’re here to facilitate a respectful and fair dissolution when it’s not.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Control

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t control your partner’s actions or reactions, in marriage or through a divorce. What you can control, however, is your response and the steps you take towards ensuring your wellbeing and that of any children involved.

When the Decision Weighs Heavy

For those wrestling with the decision to divorce, remember this: your justification for wanting to separate is valid. Be it emotional neglect, financial irresponsibility, or any other profound grievance, your feelings matter. You deserve to seek out the happiness and respect you’re entitled to in a partnership.

Crafting a Plan: The Cornerstone of Divorce Preparation

Entering the divorce process without a plan is akin to sailing without a compass. It’s imperative to strategize—not just legally, but also personally. What will life look like post-divorce? From living arrangements to financial stability, it’s these details that can make the journey less daunting.

The Lawyer’s Role: The Anger Translator Reversed

Just like the famed Key & Peele sketch, lawyers serve as emotional translators, packaging your justified anger and presenting your case with rationality and precision to the courts. We handle the legal stresses so you can focus on the emotional and practical aspects of this transition.

In Conclusion: The Journey Through and Beyond Divorce

In closing, whether you’re at the cusp of a divorce decision or in the throes of the legal process, remember to look forward, not back. A divorce can be a door to a more fulfilling life, a chance to control your happiness. And when you’re ready to walk through that door, Fairway Law Group will be here to guide you every step of the way.

Warm regards,
Matthew Waring and Brian Dunmire
Fairway Law Group, Florida Divorce Law Firm

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