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Lauren’s journey to becoming an associate attorney at Fairway Law Group is both unique and inspiring. Her early fascination with the legal system began in her childhood, shadowing her father, a dedicated officer at the Bronx Supreme Court. This early exposure ignited a passion in Lauren, leading her to role-play as an attorney, delivering opening arguments to her amused family members seated as jurors in her make-believe courtroom.

Destined for a career in law, Lauren’s academic pursuits were marked by remarkable achievements. Upon relocating to Florida, she attended the University of Central Florida, where she not only completed her bachelor’s degree in legal studies summa cum laude in an impressive three years but also graduated as the top student in her major. This foundation paved the way for her subsequent role as a legal assistant at a reputable Orlando law firm, where she honed her practical skills before pursuing further education.

Balancing a full-time job as a paralegal with evening law classes, Lauren exemplified dedication and resilience at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Her efforts culminated in graduating cum laude, equipped with both the knowledge and practical experience needed to make an impactful start in the legal field. Initially working in public finance, Lauren represented key entities like housing finance authorities and the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, gaining invaluable experience.

However, Lauren’s true calling lay in making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, which led her to family law. In this field, she found her passion for supporting clients through challenging times, offering them compassion and guidance to protect their interests. Lauren’s dedication to her clients’ success has made her a valued member of Fairway Law Group, where she continues to contribute to the firm’s reputation as a leading family law firm in Florida. Her journey, marked by early inspiration, academic excellence, and a commitment to making a difference, makes Lauren an exceptional advocate for her clients at Fairway Law Group.

Lauren Colella

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