Navigating Before The Storm: What You Need to Know Before Divorce in Florida

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Hello, and welcome back to our informative space where we unfold the complexities of divorce laws in Florida. We’re Matthew Waring and Brian Dunmire, partners at Fairway Law Group—your Florida divorce law firm.

We’ve all heard the saying, “forewarned is forearmed,” and when it comes to divorce, understanding the preliminary steps can make a significant difference. It’s like knowing the weather before setting sail—it’s not just a good idea; it’s crucial.

Sunsets and Margaritavilles: Pre-Divorce Thoughts

Imagine a beautiful sunset over Bradenton Beach—a slice of Margaritaville—where the stress of daily life dissipates with the setting sun. It’s where our recent weekend getaway took us, and sometimes, life’s chaos needs that pause. Yet, even Jimmy Buffett’s tunes speak of change, of latitudes and attitudes, and sometimes that change means confronting the end of a marriage.

The Relationship and Business of Marriage

Marriage is unique; it merges a relationship with business. Divorce, however, is all about untangling that business side while emotions are high. It’s about maintaining the ‘status quo’ financially and for the children, ensuring that the steps you take don’t come back to haunt you in court.

A House Divided and the Standing Orders

Picture a house, a life built together now at the brink of division. In Florida, most counties have standing orders that you must adhere to when separating. The courts frown upon those who suddenly become unemployed or reduce their income in anticipation of divorce. Your actions before filing can significantly impact your case, so tread with care and logic.

When Kids Are in the Picture

If you have children, it’s like a painting where the colors of both parents are needed. Divorce reshapes this family portrait, but it doesn’t have to ruin the canvas. Keeping a cordial relationship—or at least a working one—with your spouse can ease the transition for the kids and everyone involved.

The Emotional Weather and Its Financial Clouds

The emotional climate of a divorce can be stormy, unpredictable. Decisions made in anger or despair can cast long shadows over the future. Avoid rash decisions, especially in written communications, as these can become unwanted exhibits in court, undermining your case.

Before the Divorce Winds Blow

So, what should you do? Don’t rush to transfer assets or cancel your spouse’s car insurance. Don’t cut off their cell phone. These actions can misrepresent your intentions and affect your credibility. Instead, focus on the necessary financial and parental responsibilities, keep records, and prepare for the mandatory disclosures.

The Divorce Compass: Your Legal Guidance

As seasoned navigators of the legal seas, we at Fairway Law Group stand ready to guide you through the complexities of divorce. We’re not just your attorneys; we’re your compass, ensuring you don’t navigate these waters alone.

If you’re standing at the crossroads, contemplating the path of divorce, reach out to us. Together, we’ll ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible, protecting not just your rights but also the well-being of your children and your peace of mind.

For more advice or a consultation, sail over to our website or give us a call. We’re here to help you weather the storm and find your way to a new horizon.

Remember, knowledge is your lifeboat in the vast ocean of legal processes. Equip yourself well, and you’ll not only survive but thrive.

Warm regards,
Matthew Waring and Brian Dunmire
Fairway Law Group, Florida Divorce Law Firm

The content above is an adapted version of a podcast, which has been transposed into a blog post format for ease of reading and understanding. It encapsulates the insights and practical advice from the partners at Fairway Law Group, aiming to prepare individuals for the process of divorce in Florida.

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