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Family law is an essential part of the legal system. It handles cases that are often highly emotional, like child custody, divorce, property division, and child support. These cases can significantly impact your and your family’s lives, so it is important that they are handled as carefully and effectively as possible. A Deerfield Beach family lawyer is a necessary ally when navigating these sensitive cases, both outside of and in court.

Florida Family Law Firm

When you are facing a family law case, you need an attorney who understands the importance of your family law case and can give you the information and tools you need. That way, you can take control of the case and make informed decisions about your family’s future. You need experienced attorneys who know how to navigate family law cases and the local courts in Deerfield.

At Fairway Law Group, we work hard to provide you with efficient family law solutions so that you are able to reach a beneficial solution without an unnecessarily drawn-out legal process. When our team helps you navigate your divorce or other family law case, we can diligently protect your interests and use our resources to reach a result that is fair under the law.

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined legal experience across several different fields of law, including significant experience in litigation. We also understand that settling family law cases outside of court is often more beneficial and cost-effective for families. We work hard to find ideal solutions for our clients, and we do not shy away from litigation if it can protect your and your family’s interests.

Every family and family law case is unique, and each requires its own solution. We bring creative solutions for family law cases and always keep the needs of you and your family in mind.

Family Law Practice Areas

There are many areas of family law, and it is important to work with attorneys who can navigate your type of case. At Fairway Law Group, we can help with the following:

  • Divorce: We can help you get a divorce or protect you if your spouse files for divorce.
  • Child Custody: We can help you fight for more custody or full custody of your children.
  • Modification of Final Orders: When conditions change after a divorce, we can help you achieve a fairer result.
  • Men’s Divorce: Sometimes, men can be at a disadvantage in divorce. We can guide you to a more equitable outcome.

Family Law

Family law is an essential part of the legal system. It handles cases that are often highly emotional,

Child Custody

Florida law favors joint custody but that doesn’t mean equal time-sharing.

Child Support

Whether you feel entitled to child support or feel it is time to reevaluate it, we can help you get what’s fair.


We can help you get a divorce or protect you if your spouse files for divorce.

Men’s Divorce

Sometimes men can be at a disadvantage in divorce. We can guide you to a more equitable outcome.

High Asset/High Net Worth Divorce

Our experience in high-stakes cases can guide you in securing the best outcome for your children and your family.

Complex Marital Property Division

The distribution of marital property is part of nearly every divorce.

Modification of Final Orders

When conditions change after a divorce, we can help you achieve a fairer result.

Understanding the Different Areas of Family Law

If you are approaching a family law case, it is important to understand the different aspects that you may be navigating.


A divorce tends to include multiple aspects of family law, and it can be very complex and emotional. A divorce may be contested or uncontested, and spouses may handle the case through litigation or alternative methods. When there are children involved in a divorce, this can make it much harder for parents. A divorce attorney enables you to protect your rights and interests, and they can help you move through the legal requirements and filings more quickly.

Property Division

Florida is an equitable distribution state. This means that if the division of property is up to the court, it will be divided equitably but not always equally. The court will enter a division of property case by assuming that each spouse has an equally valid claim to marital assets, and it may revise that assumption based on the length of the marriage, each spouse’s contributions to the marriage, each spouse’s economic standing, and other factors.

If spouses do not wish for their property to be divided according to these rules, then they must divide their property outside of court. An attorney can advocate for your needs or property, both in litigation and outside of court.


Spousal support, called alimony in Florida, is not always awarded in a divorce. Once the couple’s property has been divided equitably, the court will determine if alimony payments are necessary. This will be based on some of the same factors as the equitable distribution of marital property, and it may be done in place of or to supplement the equitable distribution of assets. If you are in need of alimony to support yourself, an attorney can help you understand whether that is likely for your situation and how to effectively advocate for it.

Child Custody

Child custody cases may be part of divorce, separation, or paternity cases. These situations are frequently stressful and emotional for both parents. Florida, like most states, requires that all legal decisions made regarding children be in the children’s interests. The family court believes it to be in a child’s interests to spend frequent and meaningful time with each parent, meaning that it prefers joint custody when possible.

Parents can create a time-sharing plan outside of court, but it must meet the court’s approval. A child custody attorney can help you create a time-sharing plan that works for your family and is in your child’s interests. An attorney can also help you navigate a custody case when you want full custody, and they can determine if that is possible in your situation.

Child Support

In Florida, child support is calculated based on a formula. Child support is intended to ensure a financial contribution from both parents for the raising and care of their child. The state formula looks at:

  • The income of each parent
  • The number of children who need support
  • The cost of healthcare and basic childcare needs
  • The amount of time-share that each parent has with the children

An attorney can help you determine the likely child support amounts and how to ensure that it is fair and reasonable.


Divorce orders, once they are made, are legally enforceable. However, the orders are not always final. Some orders made in divorce or other family law cases can be modified if there are significant changes in the life of either party or in their family’s life.

Child support, alimony, and child custody could be modified if there has been a relevant and substantial change. An experienced modification attorney can determine if you have the grounds to request a modification and how to handle the process of filing for one.

Whether you and your spouse or co-parent are hoping to work together or are unable to negotiate, you need legal representation supporting you and your interests.

How Much Does a Good Family Lawyer Cost in Florida?

The cost of an effective family lawyer in Florida relies on many factors, but it typically ranges from $300 to $500 an hour. The costs of an attorney rely on their level of experience, their success with family law cases, and the complexity of your case.

A divorce case that is a contentious court battle will cost more than a divorce mediation or negotiation between parties. Always discuss fees and pricing with your attorney before hiring them. An effective attorney is transparent and upfront with you about the costs of your specific case

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