What to Do After A Car Accident in Florida?

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Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Florida

Car accidents are far and away the biggest cause of personal injuries in Florida. Cars are dangerous. Roads are dangerous. People drive aggressively in South Florida.

So what do you do after you have been in a car accident?

  1. Call the Police:

Regardless of how minor you believe the accident is, call the police and get them on scene.

  1. Move your vehicle off the road:

After an accident, you’re going to be shaken up, you’re going to be scared or angry or both. After you have called the police, try to get your car off the road. It’s safer for you and others. If you are able to move your vehicle, get it to the shoulder so you are out of the way danger from other cars on the road. This is especially true on highways. Many people want to leave their cars in place so the police can document who was at fault. The property damage is your best evidence. Your main concern is getting out of the way of additional on-coming vehicles.

  1. Be prepared to speak with the Police:

Have your registration, drivers license, and insurance information available for the police officer when he or she arrives on scene.

  1. Don’t confront the other drivers:

Don’t jump out of your car and confront the driver of the other vehicle. You don’t need to run around the scene and confront everyone and tell them how they messed up. The police officer will provide you with an exchange of insurance information report, so you don’t need to swap information with the other driver in the accident. You’re biggest priority is your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. Call the police and let them do your job.

  1. Assess yourself physically:

The police officer will ask you if you would like an ambulance. Remember that your PIP insurance will most likely cover an ambulance ride, so it’s better safe than sorry to agree to an ambulance if you suspect you may be injured and your injuries warrant immediate medical treatment.

If you believe you may be injured, and many people do not realize until the day after, do not speak with your insurance company. Most people assume they must report the accident from the scene. All communication with the insurance company should be handled by an experienced car accident attorney. Also, you should consider speaking with an attorney before downloading any apps from insurance companies.

So, to recap, (1) call the police(2) move your car off the road(3) be prepared to speak with Police(4) don’t confront other drivers(5) assess yourself physically and if you believe you may be injured, speak an attorney.

Matthew Waring is an experienced South Florida Personal Injury Attorney who knows how to help car accident victims. For a free consultation with Matthew Waring, call Waring Law at tel:(954)-388-0646 or click here to request a call back.

At Waring Law, we know that we’re not just fighting to get our clients compensated for their injuries, we’re also fighting against insurance company delay. Waring Law is based in Boca Raton, Florida but serves clients throughout South Florida.

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