What is PIP Insurance in Florida?

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Florida requires drivers to have PIP benefits

Personal Injury Protection coverage (a/k/a “PIP”) is one of two automobile insurance coverages required by the State of Florida. The other mandated coverage is Property Damage Liability Insurance.

PIP is a “No-Fault” coverage

PIP pays a large portion of your medical bills regardless of who was at fault for a car accident and may also apply to bicycle and pedestrian accidents involving a car. The minimum limit for PIP insurance is $10,000.00.

Note: if you do not use all of the $10,000.00 for medical treatment, you do not get the balance of any unspent benefits. PIP is solely meant to cover your medical bills and some lost wages if you miss work after an accident.

If you have valid insurance coverage in Florida, it will provide PIP benefits to help cover your medical bills.

What does PIP pay for?

PIP will pay up to 80% of your reasonable medical bills for treatment related to the accident and up to 60% of your lost wages. However, PIP benefits exhaust once $10,000.00 has been paid out and you may be responsible for medical bills after that.

Who may be covered under your Florida PIP benefits?

According to the Florida Bar, the following individuals may be covered under your PIP coverage:

“For accidents that happen in Florida, PIP covers you, relatives who live in your home, certain passengers who do not own a vehicle, and others who drive your car with your permission. Pedestrians and bicyclists are entitled to PIP coverage. PIP coverage also provides coverage for acts of violence against the policyholder while driving, including injuries sustained as a result of road rage or a carjacking.” See the Florida Bar’s Consumer Pamphlet on Automobile Insurance.

Waring Law provides free consultations to anyone who has questions about their PIP benefits. If you have been in an accident involving a car, whether you were a passenger, driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian, call tel:(954)-388-0646 to speak with an attorney or request a free consultation.

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