Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Florida?

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To be completely honest with you, hiring a lawyer after a car accident may or may not be necessary depending on what happened to you. I am not going to sit here and preach to everyone that they should absolutely hire a lawyer after an accident in any case. However, the question should be phrased differently. The question is not whether it’s worth hiring a lawyer after a car accident, the question is:  it worth speaking with a Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer. The answer to that question is an emphatic yes.

Florida Car Accident Attorneys

If you live in Florida, or if you were in an accident in Florida, there is no shortage of lawyers who are willing to give you a free consultation after an accident. Lawyers in the state of Florida, for the most part, handle car accidents on contingency. That means they do not charge any money unless they recover money for the accident victim. The Florida Bar, the organization that regulates attorneys in Florida, caps the amount that any lawyer may get paid out of the settlement at one-third of the total settlement before a lawsuit is filed.  After a lawsuit is filed, that share of the recovery goes up to 40 percent. However, since lawyers are willing to do the work up front knowing that they will get paid on the back end – if and when they settle a case – they are inclined to offer free consultations. The hope of the lawyers is that they will get more leads from more clients and get more cases. Believe it or not, Florida is a very competitive state for personal injury attorneys. And not all of attorneys have the amount of cases that they want.

Speaking With a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida

If you are wondering whether it’s worth hiring a lawyer after a car accident, think differently and rather think is it worth speaking with a lawyer after an accident. This is true especially because the lawyers are not going to charge you anything, you can call several different lawyers and get different opinions, and nobody is going to force you to hire one of the lawyers that you speak to. People who have been in accidents can benefit from this by speaking with multiple different lawyers after an accident to get each lawyer’s opinion on whether or not they have a case, what their next steps should be, and what the potential value of their case is.

Always remember if you have been in an accident, it’s your body, it’s your case, and it’s your future.  Is it worth speaking with a lawyer after an accident when you know that your physical health and financial stability might be on the line?

Contact a Deerfield Beach Car Accident Attorney

In my opinion, I believe it is worth speaking with an attorney. Whether or not you believe that you have been injured, or whether you just have questions about what the legal process after an accident looks like, we encourage you to call us at 954-388-0646 to speak with me, an accident attorney who has helped many people for free during consultations regardless of whether they have signed up with my firm. I have also helped to recover millions of dollars for accident victims throughout the state of Florida. Waring Law is always happy to give free consultations to people who have been in accidents and have questions. At Waring Law we will always answer our phone and try to at least provide you with the courtesy and respect of a free consultation regardless of whether you are 100% sure you want to move forward with an accident case.

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