Florida Tort Reform – What It Means For Floridians And How It Affects You

Just before 11am on March 24, 2023, Governor DeSantis signed the “Tort Reform” bill that quickly and quietly worked its way through the Florida House and Senate. I adamantly opposed to this bill and lobbied the Florida Legislature in opposition to it. I understand how it will affect the citizens and small businesses in Florida. Below, I explain […]

Insurance Company Wants a Recorded Statement

Has your insurance company asked you for a recorded statement? A recorded statement is a phone call between you and your insurance adjuster in which the insurance company may want to get information to possibly void your coverage.  A recorded statement is a completely routine task that occurs in many cases.  They are probably not […]

How To Get Stolen Property Back From a Pawn Shop

Stolen Property In Florida Let’s face it, things get stolen if Florida. It is a terrible fact of life. In Florida, if your property is stolen and then sold to a pawn shop, the pawn shop is legally required to give you back your stolen property. However, you must follow a very specific set of […]

Winter Park, Florida, A Brief Non-Legal History

A Little Bit About Winter Park, Florida Winter Park, Florida is located just north of Orlando, Florida. It is a quiet community with large oak trees and brick roads. It continues to grow in popularity as one of the most desirable places to live in Florida. Anyone who has visited Winter Park knows why. Winter […]

15 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer [Updated for 2021]

You Will Want to Ask These 15 Questions Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a car accident or slip and fall, you may want to hire a lawyer. Hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you will help maximize the value of your claim. With so many personal injury attorneys in the Orlando area, […]

Even Insurance Companies Can Cause an Accident

Accident in Jacksonville, Florida Unfortunately, this story is about a tragic accident that occurred in Jacksonville, Florida. On Sunday, December 5, 2020, two people were killed in an accident when a Geico Field Office vehicle crossed over the center line and went head first into oncoming traffic.  Based on initial reporting by News4Jax, the Geico […]

What Is The Average Settlement Value For A Car Accident In Florida?

How is a Car Accident Claim Valued in Florida? As a civil litigation attorney, I am often asked about what the settlement value of a case is. This is because civil cases are different from criminal cases. Civil cases are when somebody brings a claim or lawsuit against a wrongdoer. Criminal cases are when the […]

6 Things To Know About A Diminished Value Claim In 2021

Diminished Value Claims In 2021 If you were involved in a car accident and your car was repaired, you may be able to file a diminished value claim. Prior to filing a claim, you will want to know some things about diminished value claims. Below is a list of 6 things that you need to […]

20 Things To Do After A Car Accident In 2021

I Was Just In A Car Accident, What Now? Have you ever wondered what you should do immediately after a car accident? What should should do at the actual scene of the accident? What should you do in the days, weeks, and months after an accident? Below is a list of the 20 things that […]