Another State Removes Limits on Non-Economic Injuries for Personal Injury Cases

Non-economic damages can be significant and last for years. They include pain and suffering, mental anguish and the detrimental effects that your injury could have on your family life and other relations.  Some states place limits on these damages in an attempt to keep business insurance costs down.  Yet on June 14, 2019 the Kansas […]

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits Explained

If you are a personal injury plaintiff in Florida and you are filing a lawsuit or if you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, the following educational materials may help you understand the process.  What is a deposition in Florida? In this video I seek to educate viewers about what a deposition is in Florida […]

What is with all of the personal injury lawyer billboards in South Florida?

South Florida can be a profitable place to practice personal injury law. As a result, a lot of personal injury lawyers have been attracted to South Florida and competition among lawyers for personal injury cases is fierce. Most personal injury cases involve car accidents so its logical that billboards – which target drivers and passengers of motor […]

Slip and Fall Attorney South Florida

Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers | Trip & Fall Attorney South Florida Matthew Waring defended the largest shopping mall in Broward County against slip and fall claims. Now he represents slip and fall injury victims.  A fall can change your life in an instant. Even if you don’t break a bone, fall related injuries can […]