How much will climate change cost you?

A lot, one way or the other. Florida is a flat peninsula surrounded by warm seas and is arguably the state most jeopardized by rising seas.  It’s not just rising seas that affect Florida, but also warming temperatures that are a major player in our seaweed-choked beaches and the horrific red tide on Florida’s west […]

Brightline Expands to Boca Raton

No longer will Brightline’s South Florida stops be limited to just Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Brightline has partnered with the transportation leader Virgin Group, and the trains will be re-branded as Virgin Trains USA. The new and efficient trains are already a tremendous asset in South Florida, and ridership continues to grow. […]

Hurricane Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen. Even during hurricanes.  The peak hurricane season began in August and will last through October.  While hurricane season officially begins on June 1 and ends November 30, the most active months are August through October.  And the peak within the peak?  September 10 is the day that we are statistically most likely to find a hurricane […]

Florida’s “King Tide” 2019 Season is Underway

King Tides Are Here Temperatures are just a bit cooler but Fall also brings King Tides. What are King Tides? “King Tides” is the popular, non-scientific term for high tides caused by the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. The gravitational pull with the moon allows these tides to run up to one foot […]