It’s Back to School 2019: Drivers Beware!

Schoolchildren in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are heading back to school. Palm Beach county is leading the charge with a start date of August 12, followed by Broward county on August 14. Miami-Dade’s opening is more closely aligned with more traditional start dates and doesn’t begin until August 20. It’s a time for […]

Are car safety features invading our privacy?

Forty-nine states including Florida now ban texting and driving, yet drivers are still distracted. Texting alone isn’t the problem. And distracted driving is a big problem.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that nationally 3,166 deaths resulted from accidents caused by distracted driving in 2017 alone. That figure is likely understated, as drivers involved in an accident might […]

Insurance company offering $500 after car accident?

After you are hit by a car, be prepared to be hit up by insurance companies offering $500, $1,000, and $2,500 to settle your case. There are some things you should know about those offers. In order to get the money from the insurance company, you will need to sign a release. That means you […]

Driving on Marijuana: Dangerous Combination?

Marijuana is legal in some states for recreational use while in other states for therapeudic use.  Many users have found real relief from medical problems through marijuana:legalization has been a tremendous help for them.  Marijuana for medical use is approved in Florida, and the testimonials from Floridians are legion on how marijuana has helped them.  […]

Car Accident While Driving for Roadie?

Roadie is one of the latest platforms in the “gig economy” that allows people to earn extra money while driving.  When you work for Roadie, i.e. when you accept a “gig”, you may become protected by a commercial bodily injury and/or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage insurance policy.  What does that mean?  It means that if you are […]

New Texting and Driving Law Goes into Effect on July 1, 2019

The law titled CS/HB 107 – Wireless Communications While Driving goes into effect in Florida on July 1, 2019.  The law provides that Police Officers will be given the authority to pull over drivers who use a cell phone in a handheld manner while driving.  The law further states that Officers shall “record the race and ethnicity […]

FAQ: How to get the most money for a car accident?

The simple answer is to get a personal injury attorney involved at the accident scene or as quickly afterwards as you can. [Note: That doesn’t simply mean calling a personal injury law firm and setting an appointment to meet with an attorney in a few days].  My clients call me right away after an accident […]

What to do after a car accident in Florida?

Car accidents are far and away the biggest cause of personal injuries in Florida. Cars are dangerous. Roads are dangerous. People drive aggressively in South Florida. So what do you do after you have been in a car accident? (1) Call the Police. Regardless of how minor you believe the accident is, call the police and get […]

Who Pays to Fix Your Car After an Accident in Florida?

If you have been in a car accident, you’ll need to have your car repaired. Having your car repaired is often the most distressing part of being in a car accident. People spend good money on their cars and it is a shame when they get damaged and the value drops.  Who will fix your car if […]