Winter Park, Florida, A Brief Non-Legal History

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A Little Bit About Winter Park, Florida

Winter Park, Florida is located just north of Orlando, Florida. It is a quiet community with large oak trees and brick roads.

It continues to grow in popularity as one of the most desirable places to live in Florida. Anyone who has visited Winter Park knows why. Winter Park is a small suburb located directly north of downtown Orlando. Winter Park provides a quality of life and the benefits of a small-town with access to everything that Orlando has to offer.

Winter Park is tucked into a tropical nook between three gorgeous lakes in Florida. It has a rich and deep local history. Winter Park was originally home to the Seminole Indian tribe.

Winter Park’s roots go back to the pioneer days when David Mizell Jr. brought his family to his newly purchased, 8-acres plot of land between lakes Mizell, Berry, and Virginia.

Previously to this settlement, the area had been home to itinerant Muscogee people who had intermingled with Choctaw and other indigenous peoples of the region, creating a new culture – Seminole.

Mizell’s purchased tract of land, an 8-acre parcel, was soon joined by others, and the community of Lake View grew up around the original homestead. Early in 1870, the small village got a post office and a new name, Osceola. It was named in tribute to a Seminole Indian who had died in American captivity 30 years prior.

In the 1880s, a railroad invigorated the area when it was laid between Sanford and Orlando, which lies only 6.4 miles from Winter Park. Soon after the railroad came, Loring Chase moved to the area to recuperate from lung disease. He fell in love with the tropical area nestled between the lovely lakes, and enlisted a colleague, Oliver Chapman, to buy some land.

1885 began with the incorporation of Winter Park Company and the subsequent sale of the town to this company. Rollins College, the state’s first 4-year learning institution, opened its doors in Winter Park soon after.

A year later, in 1886, the Seminole Hotel was open for business with all the modern-day amenities like gas lights, an orchestra, bowling alley, steam heating, and extended covered porches, perfect for the hot Florida days.

Winter Park became a magnet for tycoons as well as presidents and other influential figures of the day. Many wealthy and powerful New England families from Boston and Philadelphia would winter in Winter Park.

The first president to come to visit Winter Park was Chester A. Arthur. He was followed by Grover Cleveland in 1888 and Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 when he received an honorary degree from Rollins College. Even Barack Obama spoke at Rollins during his reelection campaign in August 2012.

Traffic in Winter Park

Given Winter Park’s popularity, the traffic in Winter Park can become terrible. This is easily understood when you look at the population data. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Winter Park has a population per square mile of 3,208.4. Compare this with Orlando’s population per square mile of 2,327.3 and it is easy to see what traffic is such an issue in Winter Park.

A Little Bit About the Winter Park Local Government

The city’s present commission-manager type of governance was adopted in 1949. It consisted of four commissioners and a mayor, all of whom are elected in non-partisan elections every three years.

The City Commission appoints the City Lawyer and the City Manager. It is the City Manager who appoints department heads and all other employees, pending the Commission’s approval. The City Manager is otherwise known as the CEO of Winter Park and Winter Park Company.

In this model, any construction on Rollins College or other city-governed bodies must go through the City Commission before it is undertaken.

Winter Park is one of the prettiest places in Florida, according to former president Chester A. Arthur. It has been visited for its arts and culture for over 150 years.

With its tropical climate, breathtaking beauty, and intelligent and lively culture, Winter Park is a lasting respite for anyone who needs to take a moment out of the hustle-and-bustle of day-to-day living.

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