How to Know if You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Florida?

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I’ve also heard the question asked, “should I seek the help of a personal injury lawyer or settle on my own?”

If someone is involved in an accident in Florida, it may be in their best interest to retain a lawyer simply to protect one’s rights even if they do not presently intend on pursuing a full-fledged lawsuit against the person or business that caused the accident.

Before being elected President, Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer and he once said that lawyers should “discourage litigation” and “persuade neighbors to compromise whenever [they] can.” I believe that Lincoln was right and, if you’re reading this, you probably do too.

The problem is that, when it comes to accident cases, there is often insurance involved and insurance companies have a vested interest in not reaching a fair compromise.

Most accident lawyers in Florida provide free consultations and most will handle a case for free up front and only collect a fee if they recover money on the case.

Now, if someone is on the fence about going through the motions and pursuing a claim, they should know that knowledge is empowering. Even if someone doesn’t want to make a big deal of an accident, it is an opportunity to speak with a Deerfield Beach car accident lawyer who will take the time to educate them about their rights. Sometimes, people who were involved in an accident don’t want the hassle of hiring a lawyer and pursuing a claim and later realize, after strict time limitations have passed, that they should have at least spoke with a lawyer about it.

Many people also sleep on their rights after an accident because they don’t want to sign a contract with a lawyer who will then pursue their case without their input. Some clients are surprised to find out that their lawyer filed a lawsuit on their case after they signed up with them. While the authority to file a lawsuit might be in the attorney-fee agreement, these clients didn’t appreciate what they were signing and they never felt like they consented to being a party in a lawsuit against someone else in their community.

Here are some circumstances when hiring a lawyer after a car accident in Florida may be the right thing to do:

(1) You were not at fault for the car accident

(2) The insurance company is calling you asking questions about the accident

(3) You are confused on how to get your car fixed and not sure if you should pay your deductible

(4) You are feeling any symptoms as a result of the accident

(5) Pre-existing symptoms were worsened by the accident

(6) You have medical bills and aren’t sure how to get them covered

(7) You were in a hit and run accident and do not have any information about the vehicle that you

This list is not exclusive and there are other reasons why it might be best for someone to lawyer up after a car accident.

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