FAQ: How to get the most money for a car accident?

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The simple answer is to get a personal injury attorney involved at the accident scene or as quickly afterwards as you can.

[Note: That doesn’t simply mean calling a personal injury law firm and setting an appointment to meet with an attorney in a few days].

My clients call me right away after an accident at Tel:(954)-388-0646. I invite others to do the same.

Some important things to know…

Generally, people who are the most severely injured get the most money on their car accident cases.

This isn’t always true.

Sometimes there is not enough car insurance available to the injury victim to get compensated for the actual value of their injuries.

Other times there is no insurance coverage available at all for injury victims.

Many times people are injured but they don’t take the proper steps after an accident to get the full and fair settlement value of their case.

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