Do you still have a good case if you have been in an accident before?

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I heard recently that up to 77% of people have been in prior car accidents. I believe that number may actually be higher for people who live in South Florida.

If having a prior accident or claim on your record prevented you from having a good case, I would be out of business.

I believe that having prior accidents and even prior injury claims and lawsuits on your record might actually help your case in many scenarios.

Here’s why:

If you have had a prior accident and injury you may have gotten MRI scans which can be used to contrast new from old injuries. For example, let’s say you were in an accident four years ago in 2017. You suffered neck pain as a result. You treated with a chiropractor for a month or two and you had an MRI scan of your cervical spine. The MRI scan showed some disc bulging but nothing too serious.

Now, you are rear-ended in 2021 and you are suffering from a resurgence of neck pain and discomfort. Perhaps you even have numbness and tingling in your hands. You go back to see a doctor to get checked out. That doctor ultimately recommends you get another MRI scan of the cervical spine. The radiologist can now review the 2017 MRI images side by side with the 2021 images to see what damage the 2021 accident may have caused.

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